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Bringing the Hot Choccy Bar experience Home 

JAHM.png is a postal service that allows you to send the experience of the Isle of Man's exclusive Hot Choccy Bar to others or yourself, at Home.
You receive everything for 2 x Choctails of the Month. You Just Add Hot Milk.

The box contains:

  1. 1 x Tub decadent French Hot Choccy Powder

  2. 2 x Handmade Printed Belgian Choccy Discs by

  3. 1 x Bag of Marshmallows

  4. 1 x Tub of Toppings

  5. 1 x Tub of Sprinkles

  6. 1 x Shot of Monin Syrup

To create 2 Hugs in a Mug.  

Choccy Piccy also includes complimentary handmade Choccy treats to enhance the experience.

Delivered to your door, for you to taste the Ultimate Luxurious Hot Choctail

UK & IOM only

Pick How Many Monthly Hugs By Post to Send

Send Hugs by Post to Someone You Love ....

  • One-Off Hug

    Hot Choccy Bar kit delivered to your door! Inc P&P UK/IOM
    Valid for one month
  • Monthly Hugs

    Every month
    Hot Choccy Bar Hugs by Post Every Month* Inc P&P UK/IOM
  • 3 Monthly Hugs

    Hot Choccy Bar Hugs by Post for 3 Months! Inc P&P UK/IOM
    Valid for 3 months
  • 6 Monthly Hugs

    Hot Choccy Bar Hugs by Post for 6 Months! Inc P&P UK/IOM
    Valid for 6 months
  • Best Value

    12 Monthly Hugs

    Hot Choccy Bar Hugs by Post for 12 Months! Inc P&P UK/IOM
    Valid for 12 months

* A Monthly recurring Payment will be taken until you cancel your subscription


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Choccy Piccy Studio

Basement (old Peter Luis's)

9-11 Duke Street


Isle of Man


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