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What's in 
the Box!


Creating Your
Loving Hugs

You will receive all the ingredients to make 2 Loving Hugs.

All you need to add is a mug of hot milk for each Hug.


Stir 1/2 tub of Hot Choccy Powder into a Mug of Hot Milk

Drop 1 Choccy Disc into the Mug and stir well

Add 1/2 the Marshmallows into the Mug

Sprinkle 1/2 tub of Topping over top of Marshmallows

Sprinkle 1/2 tub of Sprinkles over top of Marshmallows

Cut end off pipette then gently squeeze to drizzle 1/2 Syrup to finish your Hug in a Mug 

Stir well and Enjoy a Luxurious Hug in a Mug with this month's tasty gift !

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background hearts 2_edited.png

Hot Choccy

A very decadent Smooth French Hot Chocolate, it is not too sweet with a hint of Natural Vanilla

background hearts 2_edited.png


Heart shaped pink and white soft marshmallows give your Hot Chocolate a creaminess

background hearts 2_edited.png


Twist mini heart sprinkles are a pretty decoration to the top of your Choctail

background hearts 2_edited.png


Callebaut Ruby Belgian Chocolate is a chocolate which is both coloured and flavoured from the cocoa bean.  Smooth with a slightly fruity berries flavour!

background hearts 2_edited.png


Tutti Frutti Fudge Bits compliment the fruity Ruby chocolate

background hearts 2_edited.png


Monin Amaretto Syrup adds a touch of sweetness with a lovely Almond flavour, just add a little at a time to perfect your Hug in a Mug!

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